Ho bloody Ho, here we go again the annual greed Fest has started! I’m sorry, but anybody that’s close to me will know that I don’t really do Christmas – well I am an Atheist – so it would be rather hypocritical anyway, but as I get older the more distasteful the whole affair becomes.

I suppose that as an atheist I don’t really qualify to even comment on the whole charade, but as far as I can see, it has become less about the so called core values of Christianity and more about spending money you haven’t got and having a gluttonous holiday, so I have come to have a loathing towards a season that is way too long, completely false and way too commercialized.

I do sincerely sympathise with any parent who’s children – through the wonderful media of television – are emotionally blackmailed starting quite early in November whereby all the commercial breaks between the children’s programming are stuffed to the hilt with adverts for the next best and the most expensive must-have gadgets and toy’s – but never mind, that’s what credit cards are for eh?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people having a good time and celebrating Christmas, its a religious festival and if you are a religious person you should have every right to follow what you believe in, but I’m just not too sure it’s supposed to include stuffing your face and drinking yourself silly while have little or no thought for anyone else on the planet and at the same time, getting yourself deeper in debt – or have I missed something?

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