The real important things…

Two old Farts having fun

Two old Farts having fun

Isn’t it sad that it’s not until you are older that you finally begin understand the real important things in your life. We all suffer as we get older with loosing our peers and dear friends to illness, and the recent loss of my Mum certainly played a big part in my musing over the whole “what’s the point” question. Even my job, which in the past I have always enjoyed, has over recent months, turned into an unchallenging drudgery whereby I dread having to go in each day.

However, before you all start jumping off the nearest high building, the point is you don’t actually need all the bullshit and possessions of modern life, they’re nice to have sure, but in reality nothing can replace good health and good friends and I seem – so far anyway – to have both.

This year I celebrate 40 years of marriage (a rarity in itself), and beside the expected aches and pains of getting older I’m reasonably healthy and the icing on the cake, I still get to play music with Roy my oldest friend (apart from my wife of course). We’re never going to be famous that’s for sure, and folk musician of the the year is not going to happen – we play Banjo and Accordion for heavens sake – but we can entertain a pub and enjoy good company and I need nothing else!

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