Scandalli – Step1

Treble Keys Removed

So, the big restoration has started! The first thing I notice and thing that is going to be a major issue for me to repair, is the general condition of the celluloid covering on the main casings. With some 50 years worth of wear and tear, there is significant damage to the celluloid. So the first job is to strip everything down to the bare cases so I can attempt to clean up and repair as much as I can so the restored instrument at least looks presentable.


With this in mind, The first thing was to completely disassemble the accordion including the treble keyboard, the removal of the aluminium rack that forms the main support for the piano keys and the bass mechanism, which will be stripped down at a later date. It’s clear there’s a lot of work needed on the casings and the bellows will need some attention too, so a lot of work ahead.

It’s amazing the amount of crud that accumulates over the years. A good clean out with a vacuum cleaner, and a disinfectant wash to remove 50 years worth of dust and spilt beer from the underside of the key rack and from the rack itself. some of the keys are scrap as are some of the coupler switches due to the previously mentioned fire incident, but hopefully the donor box will be able to provide any damaged parts required.

The photograph to the left shows the casing with the aluminum key rack removed, along with the master coupler and the coupler linkages all removed.

Next step, start working on the casing celluloid.

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