A ‘Rack’ of Accordion

You may not have spotted it yet, but I’m a bit mad on Accordions. Therefore, within this section I am going to attempt to offload some of my enthusiasm on anyone prepared to or possibly daft enough to listen.

My main interest over the years has been predominately with Musette tuned instruments, but it is definitely not limited to these instruments – if it sucks & squeezes, I’m interested!

Sadly, my playing abilities are not as good as I would wish, but that means (to my wife’s utmost delight) I have to practice more, so I can’t loose!

Please look around the site and feel free to add any anecdotes, information of where to hear accordions playing or just make general comments about my site through the “Chatter Box” postings. I look forward to reading your posts.


Don’t leave that old Accordion rotting in the loft……
I’m always happy to receive old boxes for parts…….

Please drop me a line……….