For anyone with an interest in the musette tuned accordion, the task of finding the right setup that suits both your musical style and more importantly your ear, can be a minefield.  There is an infinite choice and choosing the right one is the difference between owning just another accordion, or owning the one accordion you just love to play, so it’s paramount to get it right!

Although there is no real substitute for physically strapping in and playing the accordion in question, I have often thought how useful it would be if there was a database illustrating a selection of accordions along with a sample sound file, a brief explanation of the accordion’s make & model, the number of reeds and the approximate tuning setup in Cents. This would give the connoisseur something to aim at, whether purchasing a new instrument or having an old  favorite re-tuned, which brings us to the rationale for this page.

I have started with a the few samples below, but my hope is that by using the form below I will be able to include examples submitted by you the reader. So please make a contribution and send me your favorite tunings for inclusion. Finally, I state in the previous paragraph “approximate tuning”, this is because this will vary slightly throughout the instrument, so I am quoting the averages.

Make/ ModelRanco/Supervox
Reed Config.4 (master) 3 (musette)
Tuning (cents).-20 +0 +20
Sample MP3Listen
Make/ ModelGuerrini/Classic
Reed Config.4 (master) 3 (musette)
Tuning (cents).-18 +5 +24
Sample MP3Listen
Make/ ModelGallanti/Super
Reed Config.5 (master) 3 (musette)
Tuning (cents).+0 +10 +22
Sample MP3Listen
Make/ ModelAlldoi/CP11
Reed Config.4 (master) 2 (musette)
Tuning (cents).+0 +12
Sample MP3Listen



Musette Tunings