For many years now I have been carrying out repairs on my own accordions, all that is except for any tuning work. The odd reed ping here, and maybe a valve replacement there, but that’s about it. However, over recent years I have had a few bad experiences with getting tuning work done and so I started to study the whole process with a view to carrying out some tuning work myself.

What immediately became clear, is how much more involved this whole process is, and why it’s so difficult to find a really skilled craftsman that you can be confident will perform a good repair on your instrument. I usually confine myself to using Emilio Allodi in Lewisham for both repairs and buying my accordions, but because he is good, you can usually expect a 12 month waiting list to get any major repair work carried out.

Reed Block

It was because of this long waiting list and the fact that I had been given a reliable recommendation, I made the long journey to Fife, in Scotland to visit John Crawford. I had a Ranco Supervox accordion that needed some fairly extensive refurbishment work, and I discovered that John had in fact spent some time working in the Ranco factory and what’s more, he had a reputation that was second to none and I must say, I was not disappointed!

Anyway, after having made such an epic journey I arrived home with a renewed determination to get my workshop up and running. So it is my intention to expand my workshop activities and over the next few months, I hope to start on a restoration and tuning project. I will attempt record any progress within my blog “Chatter Box” including photographs etc. which I hope will expand my knowledge and promote lots of discussion.


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